About Qliro Group

Qliro Group is a leading e-commerce group in the Nordic region. Since the start in 1999, the Group has broadened its product portfolio and is now a leading ecommerce player with SEK 3,4 billion in turnover, over 200 million visitors per year, 3 million active customers and around 20,000 orders per day. The Group employs some 700 people across three business areas: CDON, Nelly (Nelly.com & NLY Man) and the payment and financial services solution Qliro. Qliro Group’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Mid-cap list.

We offer an extraordinary range of opportunities, from the listed, professional environment at Group level to the startup environment of Qliro – one of the fastest growing FinTech companies anywhere, from zero employees and zero revenue to 150 employees and over 1.6 million active customers in a year! We have roles as diverse as in-house fashion designers, stylists and photographers at Nelly, teams building the leading Nordic online marketplace at CDON, to online marketers, conversion experts and developers in all business areas.

Qliro Group is headquartered in central Stockholm and have major offices outside Gothenburg (Nelly) and in central Malmö (CDON). Our distribution centers are spread throughout Sweden.

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